Automation on the New Pheonix Pinelands Cutter Suction Dredge

Kruse Integration was contracted to automate a DredgeMasters International, Inc. hydraulic cutter suction (CS) dredge. The customer was interested in automating the new dredge to produce efficiently, logically and automatically with little operator intervention. The dredge is an 18-in. CS dredge with a 105-ft ladder capable of digging to 90 ft in the customer’s sand pit. The dredge automation included… Read More »

Kruse Integration Automates Dredge – Sam Houston

The new automation package on the 30-inch dredge Sam Houston will control swing, ladder depth and stepping ahead, allowing the dredge to create a specific profile without constant operator input. Jay Wise and other engineers from Kruse Integration are creating the system in conjunction with Chris Branas of Palm Beach Aggregates. The Sam Houston is owned by Palm Beach Aggregates… Read More »

21st Century Automation

The manufacturing world has long accepted high-tech automation and control systems as simply a way of doing business. It is almost impossible to walk through a modern manufacturing facility and not find computer controls and automated data acquisition systems. And it is becoming increasingly common to find these systems interfacing to high level business software packages, providing middle and upper… Read More »

Phillips and Jordan Leverage Multiple Expertise

by Mark Scheer If our articles were roads, this feature would be the winding stretch in those advertisements where they test drive cars with the disclaimer ‘professional driver on closed course’-it is filled with sweeping curves and hairpin turns. But properly introducing Phillips and Jordan Inc. requires such an effort; you just can not tell a story that starts with… Read More »

Electric Dredge

Kruse Controls, Inc. was contracted to automate many of the features found on a cutter/suction dredge. The customer’s goals for a new 100 foot sand and gravel dredge were to improve production efficiency, reduce downtime and automatically create daily reports detailing production, depths and locations dredged. In order to meet the customer’s goals, the shore powered electric dredge was equipped… Read More »