Food & Beverage

Experienced, latest tech automation solutions

Kruse Integration recognizes the food and beverage industries as among its key markets. We have been focusing on automation solutions for these industries for years. Within the food and beverage industries, we have provided solutions for various soda, water and juice bottlers, bakeries, snack and candy producers, spice manufacturers, dairies, vinegar production facilities and many more.

Our automation systems typically cover at least one of three broad categories: material handling, process control and/or information systems. More specifically, we can provide the following services:

  • Conveyor control systems
  • Pick and place applications
  • Clean In Place (CIP) systems
  • Automatic sensing and sorting systems
  • Filler control systems
  • Line integration and coordination
  • Packaging systems and control
  • Oven and dryer control systems
  • Refrigeration controls
  • Pasteurizing control, including HTST systems
  • Spray dryer controls
  • Recipe systems
  • Batch controls, including ISA S88 compliant systems
  • Raw material inventory tracking
  • Quality tracking and SPC systems
  • Downtime tracking and reporting

Having spent considerable time in the food and beverage industries, we are comfortable with FDA requirements, sanitary 3A standards and USDA regulations. Allow Kruse Integration to handle all your automation needs.