About Us

Who We Are.  Kruse Integration has long maintained that being experts at one thing is better than trying to be everything to everybody.  It is this belief that has provided the direction for the company and shaped who we are today.

We are a team of control system integrators with complementary skills and experiences whose sole purpose is to provide our customers with automation solutions that bring exceptional value. We do this by continually updating our knowledge with the latest in automation technology while keeping in mind our customer’s requirement for a sound return on investment. We understand that successful automation is the application of a technology that fits the customer’s needs and requirements. Providing technology without matching it first to the customer’s needs simply leads to unnecessary “gold-plating” and a project that costs much and provides little.

In order to bring the best solution to a wide variety of customers, we purposely do not represent any one vendor or supplier. Rather, we let the needs of our customers dictate which products and technologies we implement. By maintaining our expertise in several complementary products, we are free to choose a solution that most benefits our customers. Doing otherwise would lead to forced solutions that would not provide our customers with the best value.

To provide our customers with a full breadth of services, we maintain a group of strategic alliances with partners who are experts in their own respective fields. When our customers request services that we feel are outside our area of expertise, we can bring another group to them that we have full confidence will provide the same level of excellence that we would bring ourselves.

Matching an unsurpassed expertise in automation with an understanding of our customer’s needs puts us exactly where we most want to be: viewed as a trusted team member whose automation solutions provide uncompromising value.

The Way We Think.  We believe that while our history of providing quality automation solutions is well documented, we cannot sit back, satisfied, reflecting on past accomplishments. The current climate in the world of industrial automation requires successful solution providers to continually adapt to new technologies while maintaining the strength of their core competencies. It is therefore our promise to continually examine ourselves, looking for opportunities to grow in order to always provide the most competent and cost-effective solutions possible.

History.  Kruse Integration was founded in 1991 with the idea that well designed and well documented industrial automation systems should be available to industry from system integrators. The founder, Ray Kruse , began the business working from home, evenings and weekends, to prove that the concept was viable. He developed a customer base and began expanding the business through 1992 when Kruse Integration was incorporated and Ray began working as a consultant full time.  As the company moves forward into the 21st century, it finds Ray retired and the company ownership transferred to two partners: Jay Wise and Mike Sassano. It is under their leadership that the company looks to continue the growth that it has experienced since its inception. Among the various initiatives set forth by Jay and Mike is the company’s focus on three vertical markets ( Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences; Food/Beverage; Aggregate/Dredging ) and a shift towards providing automation systems that recognize the importance of real-time information in the manufacturing environment. Most recently, a new division was created called Datability (see www.datability.biz ), whose sole purpose is to focus on solutions for the collection and management of real-time industrial data.

Mission Statement.  We support Manufacturing Industries in their desire to improve efficiency and safety by means of creative ideas and proven technology.