The automation world has changed over the last decade. “Controls” is no longer synonymous with “Automation”. Today, automation systems include a variety of sub-systems, including controls, information technologies, and much more.

In recognition of the focus on information within automation systems, Kruse Integration created its Manufacturing Information Technology division.

Information services typically involve collection, analysis and presentation of real-time manufacturing data.  These data systems are layered between plant floor control systems and transactional business systems and are typically considered part of the Manufacturing Execution System layer.

Manufacturing data can take many forms.  Each customer has its own specific needs with regards to manufacturing intelligence.  Similarly, our Manufacturing IT division uses various technologies to provide many different solutions, each tailored to a customer’s requirements.

Among these solutions are:

  • Performance Improvement systems
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) systems
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) systems
  • Downtime tracking systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration
  • Custom reporting solutions
  • Much more…

Maintaining excellence in information technology requires a continual education in the latest technologies and solutions.  We pride ourselves in bringing the latest in information technology, along with proven solutions, to our customers.

Among these technologies are:

  • High-speed data collection using Data Historians, relational databases, etc.
  • Virtualized processing and storage
  • Thin client technologies
  • Redundant data systems with store-and-forward technology
  • “Cloud-based” data collection systems utilizing cloud infrastructures
  • Much more…