Detention control systems require safe, consistent and secure solutions.  Integrating multiple sub-systems, such as lock controls, camera/video systems and intercom systems is a requirement.

Kruse Integration’s Security Division focuses on integrating these various sub-systems into a cohesive security system.

Our security systems utilize PLC-based controls for its base intelligence.  The same controllers that are trusted to keep the world’s manufacturing facilities running are used to control and monitor door locks, cell locks, sally port safety zones, vehicle traffic, personnel safety devices, motion detectors, etc.

Similarly, our security systems utilize the same computer-based graphical interface systems currently used by manufacturing facilities worldwide.  Our standard security system utilizes Aveva’s Wonderware Intouch HMI, a leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI) software. Our systems provide an intuitive interface for an officer to monitor and safely control their institution.  Graphical icons and message queues provide an officer with a quick and accurate representation of the facility.  Graphic pages are laid out like familiar floor plans to keep the system intuitive and to ease training requirements.

Camera/CCTV systems and intercom systems are integrated into the PLC/graphic system to make a more powerful control system for the user.  Camera and intercom stations are integrated into the graphic pages.  Automatic camera call-ups for intercom connections, automatic alarm identification and user security create a safe and responsive detention security system. When required, Kruse Security will integrate card access systems to further enhance the security control system.

Our security systems also include automatic event logging and reporting.  Events are configurable and can include lock/unlock events, intercom connections, alarm conditions, user login/logoff, etc.  Reports are available via a secure web-browser, allowing a user to view and print event reports through the use of filters and time ranges

We have applied our security control systems from small courthouse and county jails to state and federal prisons.  This is possible because the systems that we integrate are easily scalable and can be cost effective regardless of system size.